Training officer with British experience at Tender Years Preparatory School

Expected set of responsibilities


• Observing exercises and distinguishing instructors’ qualities and shortcomings.

• Providing criticism, guidance, and individual instructional meetings for instructors.

• Organizing workshops, instructional meetings, and occasions where visitor speakers motivate educators.

• Collaborating with educators and other staff to create improved educational programs, exercise plans, evaluations, and study hall the executives methods.

• Setting week by week, month to month, quarterly and yearly objectives for instructors just as understudies, and giving counsel and direction to guarantee these objectives are met.

• Returning to study halls to rethink progress once instructors have finished their preparation.

• Supervising study hall exercises, taking notes, and reviewing reports to impart to class executives and applicable partners.

• Developing new techniques and plans for an improved learning experience.

• Keeping side by side of improvements in instructing just as your pertinent branch of knowledge.

• Building instructor organizes and urging educators to share their assets and information.


• Being a guaranteed mentor is an or more

• Minimum of 5 years experience

• Must have a degree

Method of Application:

send your cv to: Or

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