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1. According to the creation story, man became a living being because God _
A. formed him out of the dust
B. gave him the garden of Eden
C. made him in His own image
D. gave him the breath of life
A. called him Adam
2. How did Abram respond to the Lord’s appearance to him in Shechem? By
A. continuing his journey to Bethel
B. marking the occasion with a feast
C. promising to do whatever God says
D. pitching his tent at Shechem
E. building an altar to the Lord

3. The Old Testament is made up of ___ books.
A. 37
B. 32
C. 35
D. 39
E. 66
4. What are the Efik and Edo names for God respectively?
A. Shokogba and Aondo
B. Olorun and Oghene
C. Abasi and Osanobua
D. Ayiba and Dangusi
E. Osaretin and Chineke

5. Why were Adam and Eve afraid to appear before God when He called them? It was because they
A. had been deceived by the serpent
B. had broken His commandment
C. were ashamed of themselves
D. knew God would punish them
E. were naked
6. What is the major cause of sin from the story of Cain and Abel?
A. anger
B. envy
C. sacrifice
D. favoritism
E. hatred
7. Complete this statement: God created the world out of ____
A. nothing
B. sea of water
C. marshy waste
D. clay
E. tolerance
8. Why is reconciliation important? It is because
A. it gives room for peace
B. the offender would have been punished
C. people would not need to go to court
D. it creates room for people to apologize to the offender
E. the offender can confess his crimes
9. Which of the following families did God save during the flood? The family of ___
A. Israel
B. Noah
C. Adam
D. Abel
E. Moses
10. Which of these is an example of good friendship in the Bible? The one demonstrated by
A. David and Goliath
B. Mark and Luke
C. Jonathan and David
D. Paul and Peter
E. John and Mark

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11. Who among these people gave faithful service to her mother-in-law?
A. Deborah
B. Ruth
C. Mary
D. Elizabeth
E. Naomi

12. Which of these is right? God called Abraham so that through him and his descendants the knowledge of ____ would be made known to the rest of the world.
A. faith
B. forgiveness
C. religion
D. God
E. the law
13. Which of these is the sacrificial animal God gave to Abraham as a substitute for his son Isaac?
A. a lamb
B. an heifer
C. an ox
D. a sheep
E. a ram
14. Which of these is the punishment God gave to Adam? He was to earn his living by:
A. wandering all his life
B. tending the garden of Eden
C. farming and fishing
D. toiling and sweating
E. sacrificing and farming
15. The Israelites under Deborah and Barak defeated the Canaanites troops led by
A. Jael
B. Heber
C. Sisera
D. Abinoam
E. Jabin
16. Where did Moses experience the burning bush that was not consumed? On mount __
A. Horeb
B. Bethel
C. Nebo
D. Midian
E. Olive
17. Why did God create light in the firmament of the heavens? So that they might
A. end the darkness that had opposed divine purpose
B. separate the day from the night
C. give light to the throne of God
D. illuminate the earth and the heavens
E. add beauty to all His creation
18. What was God’s first promise to Abram when he arrived the land of Canaan? That He would
A. give him a son
B. curse all who curse him
C. give the land to his descendants
D. take him to a foreign land
E. make his descendants great
19. Which of these is one of the major religions practiced in Nigeria?
A. Judaism
B. Shintoism
C. Buddhism
D. Hinduism
E. Islamism
20. Which of these is right? Christian Religious Studies helps students to understand their relationship with
A. the church
B. God and Man
C. the world
D. one another
E. the Holy Spirit

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21. Which of these is a group of people that are closely related by blood and marriage?
A. Family
B. Love
C. Age grade
D. Union
E. Hamlet
22. On which day did God create the moon, sun and stars?
A. first
B. second
C. third
D. fourth
E. fifth
23. Which of the following is not an effect of sin?
A. Evil
B. Death
C. Guilt
D. None of the above
E. All of the above

24. During creation event, God spoke and things were created. What does this show? That God is
A. loving
B. all-wise
C. holy
D. omnipresent
E. omnipotent
25. “Be fruitful and multiply” What does this mean? It means God’s given power to
A. overcome
B. follow instructions
C. subdue the earth
D. procreate
E. dominate
26. The process by which a broken relationship is restored is called ___
A. settlement
B. restoration
C. reconciliation
D. dialogue
E. meeting
27. Which of these is a not a means of communicating with God?
A. Singing
B. offering
C. networking
D. Prayer
E. visions
28. Why did Esau sell his birthright for meal of pottage? It is because
A. he was hungry
B. he was tired of being the first born
C. he had no inheritance
D. he was a hunter
E. he wanted his brother to have it
29. Where did Jacob run to after his quarrel with Esau?
A. Jericho
B. Hebron
C. Haran
D. Paddan-aram
E. Egypt
30. Complete this statement: According to the Bible, “the love of money is ___”
A. good for healthy living
B. the root of all evils
C. not to be lazy
D. a very bad thing
E. helpful to the development of mankind

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31. What is the name given to a type of family having children, parents and grandparents? It is the ¬____ family.
A. Extended
B. Compound
C. Immediate
D. Joint
E. Nuclear
32. What term is used to describe marriages where a woman marries several husbands?
A. monogamy
B. polyandry
C. polygamy
D. adultery
E. traditional marriage
33. Who among these was the mother of Esau and Jacob?
A. Deborah
B. Hannah
C. Rebecca
D. Elizabeth
E. Esther
34. Which of the following was the profession of Esau?
A. Farming
B. Fishing
C. Tent making
D. Shepherds of flocks
E. Hunting
35. Who among these was Deborah’s husband?
A. Moses
B. Gideon
C. Joshua
D. Laban
E. Lapiddoth

36. How long did the flood last while Noah was in the Ark according to Genesis?
A. 30 days
B. 40 days
C. 70 days
D. 100 days
E. 150 days

37. Which of the Ten Commandments does adultery break?
A. 6th
B. 7th
C. 9th
D. 5th
E. 4th
38. Which of these is not an attribute of a good citizen?
A. He pays his tax
B. He lives at peace with others
C. He is law abiding
D. He obeys constituted authorities
E. He disregards the authorities
39. In which of the following form did the original stories of the Bible exist?
A. Books
B. Archaeological findings
C. Oral tradition
D. Scrolls
E. Written tradition
40. How did God conclude His work of creation? By __
A. creating the birds of the air
B. making the beast of the earth
C. resting on the seventh day
D. creating sea creatures
E. forming a helper for Adam

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41. Which of these is right? The tower of Babel was an attempt by man to
A. be like god
B. build a modern home
C. make name for themselves
D. oppose god
E. reach heaven
42. Why did God regret creating man? It is because man became ___
A. stubborn
B. proud
C. rebellious
D. meek
E. too wise
43. Samuel was commissioned to replace ___ at Shiloh
A. Eli
B. Gideon
C. Elijah
D. Joshua
E. Moses
44. During the time of Moses, what happens to any woman caught in adultery? She is customarily ____
A. beaten with canes
B. hanged on tree
C. set free
D. stoned to death
E. banished from the town
45. What does the Jewish practice of ‘’CORBAN’’ mean?
A. Given to God
B. Given to priest
C. Given to synagogue
D. Given to the temple
E. Given to neigbours
46. Through which of the following do we learn about God?
A. doing our assignments
B. reading our books
C. reading our bible
D. watching cartoons
E. oral tradition
47. How did Jacob break his relationship with Esau? By¬¬¬____
A. being disobedient to his parents
B. taking his birth right and his blessing
C. taking his wife and his children
D. taking his money and property
E. taking his father and mother
48. Complete this statement: Moses’ acceptance of responsibility led to Israel’s __
A. enlightenment
B. Freedom
C. inheritance
D. multiplication
E. bondage
49. What was Deborah before she became a judge in Israel? A
A. Prophetess
B. Seer
C. warrior
D. Priestess
E. Medium

50. Which of these statements correctly explains what freedom is? It is:
A. doing whatever you like without any check and control
B. living your life without regards to others
C. the right to believe what you want and force it on others
D. none of the above
E. all of the above

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51. Who among these heads and provides the needs of the family? The
A. father
B. mother
C. uncle
D. son
E. pastor
52. Which of these leads to break in relationships?
A. cowardice
B. love
C. obedience
D. Disobedience
E. faithfulness
53. Which of the following leads to bad behavior, cultism, stealing, drug addiction, homosexuality, drinking and truancy.
A. Bad friendship
B. Good friendship
C. Playing football
D. Obedience
E. Good association
54. Which of these is right? Friendship can only grow from strength to strength when two friends ¬¬¬___ each other
A. love
B. know
C. play with
D. recognize
E. meet
55. “Walk before me and be blameless”. God said this to ____
A. Peter
B. Jesus
C. Jacob
D. David
E. Abraham
56. All these are members of the extended family except ___
A. aunts
B. neigbours
C. cousins
D. nephews
E. uncles
57. Which of the following is disobedience against national laws?
A. telling lies to our parents
B. fighting in public
C. gossiping with others
D. backbiting with our friends
E. vandalizing public properties
58. What does Omniscience mean?
A. Has deep knowledge
B. Knows all Sciences
C. Is all powerful
D. Has good understanding
E. Knows all things
59. What does scientific inventions and explorations by man show? That man shares in God’s
A. almightiness
B. heavenly activities
C. creativity
D. dignity
E. discovery
60. What is marriage?
A. A union of two people of the same sex
B. Coming together of two people who appreciate each other
C. A legal union between a man and a woman as husband and wife.
D. Union of two people.
E. A union of man and woman in love
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1. D 2. E 3. D 4. C 5. B
6. B 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. C
11. B 12. D 13. E 14. D 15. C
16. A 17. B 18. C 19. E 20. B
21. A 22. D 23. D 24. E 25. D
26. C 27. C 28. A 29. D 30. B
31. A 32. B 33. C 34. E 35. E
36. E 37. A 38. E 39. D 40. C
41. C 42. C 43. A 44. D 45. A
46. C 47. B 48. B 49. A 50. D
51. A 52. D 53. A 54. A 55. E
56. B 57. E 58. E 59. C 60. C


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