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1. Complete this statement: The Great Commission meant that the apostles were tasked to spread the gospel message to
A. the Samaritans
B. Macedonia
C. Syria
D. Gentiles alone
E. every part of Roman Empire
2. Saul was a native of:
A. Paphos.
B. Jerusalem.
C. Corinth.
D. Galatia.
E. Tarsus.
3. What was the crippled man expecting from Peter and John at the temple gate?
A. gift of the Holy Spirit
B. healing
C. prayer
D. to take him along
E. alms
4. Which of these is true? Stephen was one of the
A. Cardinals in Rome
B. early disciples of Jesus
C. elders of the church
D. seven deacons
E. twelve apostles
5. Which of these is right? An attempt to kill Saul in Jerusalem after his conversion led to his escape to
A. Antioch
B. Damascus
C. Judea
D. Tarsus
E. Samaria
6. Which of these was not the concern of the early Christian community?
A. lying
B. praying
C. preaching
D. sharing
E. singing
7. What does Jesus’ call of Matthew to discipleship show? That His ministry is first to the
A. Sinners
B. Gentiles
C. Jews
D. tax collectors
E. Pharisees
8. Which of these was the couple noted for hypocrisy in the early church?
A. Anannias and Sapphira
B. aquilla and Priscilla
C. Simeon and Anna
D. Agrippa and Benice
E. Agrippa and Simeon
9. In order to explain the outpouring of the holy spirit on the day of Pentecost, Peter quoted prophet __
A. Abraham
B. Daniel
C. Joel
D. Isaiah
E. Ezekiel
10. Which of these is NOT the means by which we renew our fellowship and relationship with God?
A. worship
B. offerings
C. dancing
D. repentance
E. prayer

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11. Which of these is right? According to Jesus, a disciple must
A. hate his parents and family
B. bear his cross alone
C. be a poor man
D. count the cost
E. not pray always
12. Which of the following is not the purpose of marriage?
A. Companionship
B. Prevention of STD|HIV, AIDS
C. Procreation
D. Separation
E. Sexual intimacy
13. Why was John the Baptist regarded as the forerunner of Jesus? It is because he
A. baptized Jesus
B. came to prepare the way for the gospel of Christ
C. started the ministry before Jesus
D. was born before Jesus
E. was running before Jesus
14. Which of these is true? Before His ascension, Jesus commissioned his disciples to go to all nations and
A. cast out demons
B. make disciples of them
C. heal the sick
D. raise the dead
E. run the Christian race
15. Which of the following was not a characteristic of the early church?
A. constant change in leadership
B. devotion to the teachings of the apostles
C. breaking bread in members’ homes
D. communal fellowship
E. praying together
16. What is the significance of Jesus ‘triumphant entry into Jerusalem? That
A. the Messiah has come to assume his kingship in humility
B. Jesus was fulfilling the Jewish custom of pilgrimage to the Holy city
C. Jerusalem was always the scene for the murder of the prophets
D. Jesus openly challenged the Jewish leaders to prove their authority
E. Jesus came to liberate the Jews
17. “My father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me’’. What does this cup signify?
A. persecution
B. cry of loneliness
C. suffering and death
D. spiritual death
E. freedom
18. Which of these describes the advice given to the twelve disciples? They were advised to respond to any house that did not receive them during their missionary journey by
A. pronouncing God’s wrath upon them
B. withdrawing their blessing of peace
C. shaking off the dust from their feet
D. moving to another destination
E. smiling to them
19. The converts in Samaria received the Holy Spirit through
A. speaking in tongues
B. praying and fasting
C. imitation of the apostle’s activities
D. dancing and praise
E. laying of hands by the apostles
20. Saul could be said to have persecuted Jesus Christ by:
A. mocking Jesus on the day of Pentecost.
B. attacking Jesus for flauting the law of Moses.
C. keeping the clothes of Stephen’s enemies.
D. condemning the preaching of the gospel to non-Jews.
E. opposing the Way.

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21. Paul’s first recorded sermon was delivered at:
A. Derbe.
B. Perga in Pamphylia.
C. Iconium.
D. Lystra.
E. Antioch in Pisidia.
22. After fasting and praying, the church in Antioch laid their hands on Paul and Barnabas and sent them off. The laying on of hands signified:
A. blessing.
B. Commissioning
C. Confirmation
D. Forgiveness of sins
E. imparting of the Holy Spirit.
23. The conversion of Saul was made possible by:
A. Ananias.
B. the risen Christ.
C. Barnabas.
D. Peter.
E. Philip.
24. The significance of the first Council of Jerusalem was that it:
A. met to ratify Paul’s decision to take the gospel to Rome.
B. met to ratify the appointment of the seven deacons.
C. showed the importance of the Jerusalem Church.
D. took vital decision on the admission of the Gentiles.
E. was a forum for discussing the persecution of the church.
25. Two of the seven deacons who later became evangelists were:
A. Stephen and Nicanor.
B. Stephen and Nicolaus.
C. Philip and Nicolaus.
D. Stephen and Philip.
E. Philip and Nicanor,
26. During the first missionary journey, Paul was stoned at:
A. Lystra.
B. Iconium.
C. Derbe.
D. Antioch in Pisidia.
E. Antioch in Syria.
27. One of the following decisions was not taken at the first Christian Council in Jerusalem. Gentile Christians should:
A. abstain from the pollution of idols.
B. avoid unchastity.
C. not eat meat that has been strangled.
D. avoid blood.
E. all be circumcised,
28. One of the following brethren introduced Paul to the disciples in Jerusalem after his conversion:
A. Peter.
B. Barnabas.
C. Barsabas.
D. James.
E. John, the son of Zebedee.
29. They lifted up their voice in Lyconian and said: “The gods have come down to us in the likeness of men. ” The men referred to were:
A. Barnabas and Paul.
B. John and Peter.
C. Paul and Silas.
D. Paul and Elymas.
E. Paul and Peter.
30. From his experience on the road to Damascus, Saul learnt all the following except that:
A. persecuting the church meant persecuting the Lord.
B. in persecuting the church, he was kicking against the pricks.
C. his confidence in Judaism was misplaced.
D. he was specially chosen to preach to the Gentiles.
E. he could successfully promote his own will.

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31. Because Zachariah doubted the possibility of having a son the angel caused him to become:
A. blind
B. deaf
C. dumb
D. lame
E. paralyzed
32. Jesus was born in a manger instead of the inn because ___
A. Joseph was not around
B. the inn was far
C. the inn was filled
D. there was no money
E. they chose the manger
33. King Herod secretly asked the wise men to tell him where baby Jesus was with an intention to
A. give him a gift
B. kill him
C. meet him
D. take care
E. worship him
34. In the wilderness, Jesus fasted for forty days and night before he
A. was tempted by the devil.
B. selected his disciples
C. was taken to the Temple
D. went to be baptized by John
E. attended the Passover Feast
35. The angel of the Lord instructed Jesus’ parents to take refuge in the land of
A. Edom
B. Goshen
C. Moab
D. Egypt
E. Nazareth
36. After the transfiguration experience, Jesus warned the disciples with him not to tell anyone about the vision until after the
A. Crucifixion
B. Last Supper
C. Passover feast
D. Resurrection
E. Triumphant entry
37. Shortly before he was arrested, Jesus took the disciples to the ___ to pray.
A. Mount Olive
B. Garden of Gethsemane
C. Mount Horeb
D. Garden of Genesaret
E. Golgotha
38. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus appealed to his disciples to
A. pray with him at least for one day
B. worship God with him for three hours
C. prepare to protect themselves against their enemies
D. watch and pray with him for one hour
E. have some sleep for two hours as they were tired
39. At the arrest of Jesus ___ cut down the earof one of the soldiers with his sword.
A. Andrew
B. James
C. Peter
D. Philip
E. Thomas
40. Which rich Christian sold a piece of land and brought all the proceed to the Church?
A. Ananias
B. John
C. Peter
D. Sapphira
E. Barnabas

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41. Who prophesied about the famine that would affect the whole world in the early church at Antioch in Syria? It was Prophet __
A. Amos
B. Agabus
C. Elijah
D. Isaiah
E. Elymas
42. God gave his only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to show
A. His love and care for mankind.
B. His resurrection power.
C. His supremacy.
D. that everybody will die.
E. that the world is full of wickedness.
43. Jesus was taken to the temple for dedication in Jerusalem in fulfillment of the law of Moses after ___ days
A. eight
B. forty
C. thiry
D. thirty three
E. twenty one
44. The first four disciples of Jesus Christ were:
A. Simon Peter, Andrew, James and Luke
B. Simon Peter, Andrew, Bartholomew and John
C. Simon, James, John and Matthew
D. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
E. Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John
45. In the beatitudes, Jesus taught that those who will inherit the earth are the __
A. meek
B. mourners
C. persecuted
D. poor in spirit
E. pure in heart.
46. Which of these is missing in the four major divisions of the New Testament? The Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the _____ and the book of Revelation.
A. Apocrypha
B. Epistles
C. Hebrews
D. Law
E. Prophets
47. The story of the prodigal son teaches us to
A. fight for our rights
B. live in peace
C. love one another.
D. rebuke offenders.
E. forgive and reconcile
48. The mad man delivered by Jesus from evil spirits according to St.Mark’s account lived in the
A. Caves
B. cemetery
C. hill
D. refuse dump
E. street corners
49. Jesus met the Samaritan woman in Sychar, by the well of ___
A. Abraham
B. Isaac
C. Jacob
D. Joseph
E. Moses
50. Paul and Barnabas were arrested and condemned without trial in
A. Athens
B. Corinth
C. Jerusalem
D. Philippi
E. Samaria

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51. The first attempt to establish Christianity in Nigeria failed because the
A. missionaries died on their way.
B. missionaries faced hot climate and diseases like malaria.
C. missionaries refused to bow to the local gods.
D. people did not like the missionaries.
E. people did not understand the language of the missionaries.
52. “You have appealed to Caesar; to Caesar you shall go”. Who said this?
A. Chief captain of the guards
B. Governor Felix
C. Governor Porcius Festus
D. High Priest
E. King Herod Agrippa
53. One of the following is an example of an African lndependent Churches in Nigeria today.
A. Anglican
B. Baptist.
C. Catholic
D. Cherubim and Seraphim
E. Methodist
54. Martin Luther King was assassinated after a peaceful demonstration against racial segregation on the 4th of April, ___
A. 1962
B. 1964
C. 1965
D. 1967
E. 1968
55. Which year was the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) founded? It was in ___
A. 1955
B. 1960
C. 1970
D. 1976
E. 1980
56. Samuel Ajayi Crowther’s most important contribution to Christianity in Yoruba land was the
A. abolition of slave trade.
B. acceptance of the post of a bishop
C. conversion of his mother into Christianity.
D. establishment of a teacher’s college
E. translation of the Bible into Yoruba
57. Which of one of these is not an international organization. It is the ___
A. African Unity.
B. Catholic Relief Fund
C. Red Cross
D. Tne United Nations
E. World Council of Churches
58. The first European missionaries to Nigeria were accompanied by traders sent by Prince Henry the Navigator of ___
A. England
B. France
C. Germany
D. Portugal
E. Spain.
59. The International Christian Organization that represents all the protestant churches in the world is called the
A. Catholic Church.
B. Protestant Council of Churches.
C. Protestant World
D. World Council of Churches.
E. World Council of Protestants.
60. The real name of Mother Theresa was
A. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu
B. Florence Nightingale.
C. Mary Gonxa
D. Mary Slessor
E. Mary Summer.

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1.       E

2.       E

3.       E

4.       D

5.       D

6.       A

7.       A

8.       A

9.       C

10.    C

11.    D

12.    D

13.    B

14.    B

15.    A

16.    A

17.    C

18.    C

19.    E

20.    E

21.    E

22.    B

23.    B

24.    D

25.    D

26.    B

27.    E

28.    B

29.    A

30.    E

31.    C

32.    C

33.    B

34.    A

35.    D

36.    D

37.    B

38.    D

39.    C

40.    E

41.    B

42.    A

43.    B

44.    E

45.    A

46.    B

47.    E

48.    B

49.    C

50.    A

51.    B

52.    C

53.    C

54.    E

55.    D

56.    E

57.    A

58.    D

59.    D

60.    A

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