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1. Common home appliances are the following except
A. Microwave
B. wavelength
C. oven
D. washing machine
2. The following are the components of an electric circuit except
A. Wire
B. battery
C. lamp
D. current
3. The following can cause break in circuit except
A. When switches are off
B. incomplete connections
C. faulty components
D. Good batteries
4. _____ are used purposely to safely break and complete circuits
A. Wire
B. switches
C. battery
D. lamp

5. A material through which heat and electricity flow easily is called…………
A. Insulator
B. Resistance
C. Short circuit
D. Conductor

6. Like poles of magnet ____ when facing each other
A. Attract
B. repel
C. enclose
D. none of the above

7. Unlike poles of two magnets ____ when facing each other
A. Attract
B. enclose
C. repels
D. none of the above

8. What causes a magnet to attract and repel?
A. magnetic force
B. contact force
C. gravity
D. none of the above.

9. _________ is anything that has mass and occupies space.
A. Atom
B. element
C. matter
D. Molecule

10. In earth planet, matter is found in how many states?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 3
D. 4

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11. Three states of matter are .
A. solid, liquid, and gas
B. buoyancy, mass, shape
C. gas, liquid, and mixture
D. density, weight, and gas

12. Which of the following is a gas?
A. hydrogen
B. water vapor
C. oil
D. brick

13. Which one of these is a liquid?
A. ice
B. pizza
C. snow
D. kerosene

14. All of these are the benefits of refuse disposal except ——-
A. It saves our environment from pollutants
B. It is a waste of time
C. It affords access to raw materials
D. It promotes personal hygiene

15. Animals which hunt at night and can see in dark nights are
A. cats
B. owl
C. fox
D. all of them

16. Aquatic animals breath in water through their_______________
A. lungs
B. gills
C. nostrils
D. nose

17. Aquatic animals are animals that live in/on…..
A. land
B. air
C. water
D. forest
18. Animals which are active in night time are called
A. wild animals
B. pets
C. nocturnal animals
D. tame animals
19. ———— is the dwelling place of organism.
A. House
B. Shop
C. Habitat
D. Mountain

20. _______ is a type of soil erosion that can carve a channel in a field that looks like a dry stream.
A. Sheet
B. Rill
C. Wind
D. Acid

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21. All of these are examples of erosion except:
A. A flood washes soil down stream
B. The wind in a desert blowing against a rock
C. An icy winter causes a sidewalk to crack
D. A glacier picks up boulders as it moves.

22. Sedimentary rock can be formed from ——–
A. Hot lava from a volcano
B. Overtime, sediment particles can gradually accumulate and eventually form into sedimentary.
C. The ashes from a volcano get mixed into the soil by gophers
D. Extreme heat and pressure can turn limestone into marble.

23. All of these can be eaten by monkeys except?
A. Fruits
B. Nuts
C. Stones
D. Nuts
24. All of these are factors that aids erosion except?
A. Bush burning
B. Poor method of waste disposal.
C. Afforestation
D. Overgrazing by animals.

25. One of these is not an effect of erosion?
A. loss of lives and property
B. it makes the soil lose nutrients and fertility
C. it helps building to stand firm.
D. Wind erosion causes blindness if it blows heavily.

26. Erosion can be controlled by:
A. recycling
B. littering of waste
C. pouring dirt on rivers
D. destroying drainages

27. roads are spoilt as a result of ———–
A. fighting
B. robbery
C. erosion
D. habitat

28. Whirlwind, hurricane and tornado can cause …….
A. water erosion
B. wind erosion
C. sea erosion
D. air erosion

29. All of these are types of erosion except?
A. sheet erosion
B. rill erosion
C. grill erosion
D. gully erosion.
30. —— is the washing away of the top soil.
A. environment
B. construction
C. erosion
D. recycling

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