1. How do you say “good evening” in French?
a. Bon frère b. bonne chance c. bonsoir
2. “Au revoir” means what?
a. Good day b. goodbye c. later
3. What is going to be your respond if I tell you “applaudssez”
a. Jump b. dance c. clap
4. The verb “manger” means what?
a. To dance b. to eat c. read
5. Who do you address as “mademoiselle”
a. Young married man b. young married man c. young unmarried lady
6. How do you say “thank you” in French?
a. Misericorde b. merci c. maman
7. What do you understand by the phrase “j’ai faim”
a. I am alone b. I am in class c. I am hungry
8. At what time of the day do you greet “bon après midi”
a. Morning b. afternoon c. evening
9. What do you understand by “lundi”
a. Tuesday b. Saturday c. Monday
10. Who is “mere” in a family?
a. Brother b. uncle c. mother

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