1. The followings are the dangers of drinking bad water
A. Typhoid
B. Dysentery
C. Constipation
D. All of the above
2. Boiling does what?
A. Kills germs
B. Removes un-dissolved particles
C. Causes mouth burns
D. Destroys the oesophagus
3. What is the name of the loose material that covers most of Earth's surface?
A. Soil
B. Lava
C. Clouds
D. Sheets
4. A soil's is determined by what type of materials is in it.
A. Shape
B. Color
C. Size
D. Texture
5. Why is soil so important?
A. Provides food and support for plants
B. Eaten by animal
C. Eaten by people
D. Keeps Earth clean
6. Which source of water will give you the best quality of drinking water?
A. Borehole
B. Pond water
C. River water
D. Lake water
7. Water can serve the following purpose except____________
A. Cooking
B. Drinking
C. Smoking
D. Bathing
8. ……………………………….. Is required for good health?
A. Smoke
B. Junk food
C. Polluted water
D. Fresh and clean air
9. Exercises keep the body?
A. Fit
B. Unhealthy
C. Bad
D. Susceptible to diseases
10. A packaged water is .................?
A. Unhealthy
B. Exposes one to epidemic
C. If sealed, it’s safe for drinking
D. Contains chemicals and impurities
11. Which of this is a type of exercise, except.............?
A. Reading
B. Jumping jacks
C. Push ups
D. Cycling.
12. Which of these animals live in soil?
A. Earthworms
B. Man
C. Kangaroos
D. Birds

13. When air is in motion it is called?
A. Wind
B. Thunder
C. Rainbow
D. Rainfall
14. The following are air borne diseases ...........except?
A. Malaria
B. Catarrh
C. Tuberculosis
D. Hay-fever
15. One of the qualities of clean water is..............except?
A. Colourless
B. Odourless
C. Tasteless
D. Coloured
16. Water can be contaminated by the following except?
A. Releasing untreated sewage into water
B. Purifying the water plant
C. Oil spillage
D. Using chemicals for fishing.

17. Soil serves as a source of food to man and some other animal?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Not really
18. We use light for the following except...............?
A. Generating heat
B. Photosynthesis
C. To form an image
D. To fight
19. Milk and cheese are rich source of
A. Vitamins
B. Proteins
C. Fats and oil
D. Minerals
20. Energy giving foods are also known as
A. Carbohydrates
B. Proteins
C. Minerals
D. Carbon-dioxide

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