1. Which of these instrument is used to measure temperature ___________
A. rain gauge
B. barometer
C. wind vane
D. Thermometer
2. Sling psychrometer is used to measure ___________
A. pressure
B. speed
C. rain
D. relative humidity

3. Barometer is an instrument used to measure __________
A. temperature
B. direction of wind
C. air pressure
D. climate
4. ___________ is used to measure wind speed
A. Anemometer
B. thermometer
C. hygrometer
D. barometer
5. An odourless, tasteless and colourless liquid is called __________
A. river
B. water
C. ocean
D. ice
6. The percentage of water on earth is about ____________
A. 60
B. 75
C. 21
D. 100.
7. The temperature of boiling water is about ______________degree centigrade
A. 50
B. 100
C. 45
D. 0
8. Which of the following is not involved in water cycle
A. evaporation
B. sublimation
C. precipitation
D. condensation
9. Which of the following is not a state of water
A. ice
B. steam
C. water
D. Acid
10. Which of the following is a natural source of light
C. Street light
D. Electric bulb

11. Which of these is not a track event
A. High jump
B. Relay
C. Middle distance races
D. Long distance races

12. Which of the following do you run with great speed
A. 100metres dash
B. 800 metres
C. 3 000 metres
D. Marathon
13. the size of the entire track is ______
A. 800 metres
B. 200 metres
C. 300 metres
D. 400 metres
14. When you run round the entire track twice, you have covered
A. 1 500metres
B. 800 metres
C. 400 metres
D. 100 metres
15. Which of the following is NOT a long distance race
A. 4 00 metres
B. 5 000 metres
C. 10 000 metres
D. Marathon
16. Which of the following is not a skill in long distance race
A. Take off
B. Standing
C. Running
D. Jumping
17. Swinging the arm forward and backward in a unique way is called_____
A. Arm movement
B. Arm action
C. Throwing
D. Jumping
18. Which of the following is not a command before take off in athletics
A. ‘on your mark’
B. ‘set’
C. ‘go’
D. ‘wait’

19. Before take off in a long distance race, athletes can _______ on the starting line up.
A. Stand
B. Knee
C. Lie down
D. Fly
20. Which of the following do you run with endurance
A. 75 metres dash
B. 10 000 metres dash
C. 400 metres
D. 200 metres

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