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1. One of these is a reptile.
A. Snake
B. Ant
C. Dog
D. Lion
2. Things that have life are called _______
A. Life objects
B. Living things
C. Non-living things
D. Big things
3. One of these is a warm blooded animal
A. Cockroach
B. Fish
C. Snail
D. Bird
4. Higher vertebrates are called mammals because of their ability to _________
A. Move
B. Sing
C. Breast feed their young ones
D. Bath their young ones
5. One of these is a non-living thing.
A. Cat
B. Computer
C. Spider
D. Ant
6. All of these are mammals except ________
A. Eagle
B. Monkey
C. Cow
D. Dog
7. Animals that feed on plants are called ________
A. Omnivores
B. Carnivores
C. Herbivores
D. Plant animals
8. Animals without backbone are called________
A. Vertebrates
B. Invertebrates
C. Carnivores
D. Herbivores
9. Carnivores feed on __________
A. Plants
B. Snacks
C. Trees
D. Flesh
10. Animals that are capable of feeding on plants and animals are called _______
A. Herbivores
B. Carnivores
C. Omnivores
D. Invertebrates

11. Which of these is a carnivore
A. Goat
B. Tiger
C. Bear
D. Horse
12. Humans are classified as an ________
A. Omnivore
B. Carnivore
C. Herbivore
D. Small animal
13. The class of animals with the highest population in the world are the __________
A. Carnivores
B. Invertebrates
C. Big animals
D. Sea animals
14. __________ is a place where plants and animals live.
A. House
B. Home
C. School
D. Habitat
15. Vertebrates are divided into _________ classes.
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
16. There are _______ types of habitat.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
17. Forest is a ________ type of habitat.
A. Natural
B. Artificial
C. Man-made
D. Local
18. ___________ is a living thing.
A. Book
B. Chair
C. Laptop
D. Rose flower
19. One of these is not an artificial habitat.
A. Cage
B. Ocean
C. Zoo
D. Pen
20. Animals that live around us are called _________
A. Wild animals
B. Domestic animals
C. Bush animals
D. Forest animals
21. Which of these is a domestic animal
A. Crocodile
B. Tiger
C. Dog
D. Elephant
22. _________ is a wild animal.
A. Pig
B. Hen
C. Sheep
D. Snake
23. Hyena is ________ animal.
A. Domestic
B. Wild
C. Pet
D. Playful
24. ________ are events that occur on the road that may lead to injuries or death.
A. Athletics
B. Track events
C. Road accidents
D. Games
25. Which of these can cause road accidents?
A. Obeying traffic rules
B. Looking left and right before crossing the road
C. Crossing the road with an adult
D. Playing on the road
26. The yellow light on the traffic light means _________
A. Stop
B. Ready
C. Go
D. Come
27. The first treatment given to a sick or accident victim is called __________
A. First aid
B. Second aid
C. Drugs
D. Bandage

28. The ability of young ones to give birth to their young ones is called __________
A. Respiration
B. Nutrition
C. Reproduction
D. Growth
29. _________ is an amphibian.
A. Lion
B. Spider
C. Gorilla
D. Frog
30. One of these is not found in a first aid box.
A. Bandage
B. Tooth pick
C. Cotton wool
D. Pain relief tablets

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