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1. Those who rejects the word of God will be _______
A. Taken care of
B. Will be spoilt
C. Will be sent to the lake of fire
D. Taken to heaven
2. Who would Jesus save during his second coming?
A. Believers
B. Fighters
C. Thieves
D. Wicked people
3. Johns cousin was ___________
A. Jesus
B. John
C. Peter
D. Thomas
4. After Jesus ascended, what did the angels promise?
A. Jesus would restore the kingdom again
B. A new heaven and a new earth
C. The disciples will receive the holy spirit
D. Jesus will come in like manner as you saw him go into heaven
5. Who said “why are you gazing up into heaven”?
A. Peter
B. Angels
C. Luke
D. Paul
6. Before he ascended, what two things did he tell his apostles to do?
A. Repent and be baptized
B. Believe and obey
C. Receive holy ghost and be witnesses
D. Fear God and keep his commandments
7. The mother of John was ___________
A. Rose
B. Elizabeth
C. Jane
D. Felicia
8. Who dwells in us?
A. Man
B. Holy spirit
C. Festival
D. Mary
9. The holy spirit is our helper and the spirit of __________
A. Truth
B. Man
C. Religion
D. Love
10. A saviour sets us free from ________
A. Sins
B. Love
C. Food
D. Party
11. ____________has all the qualities of God.
A. Isaiah
B. Angel Gabriel
C. Holy spirit
D. Mary
12. A saviour protects and __________
A. Delivers
B. Emmanuel
C. Disgrace
D. Believes
13. ______________ is a way of preparing for the second coming.
A. Encouraging one another
B. Fighting
C. Stealing
D. Slapping
14. The kingdom of Jesus will last for _________
A. 2 years
B. A thousand years
C. 20 years
D. 6 years
15. Why is Jesus coming back?
A. To play
B. To sing
C. To judge
D. To dance
16. After judgement, there’ll be a _______________
A. New school
B. New shop
C. A new heaven and earth
D. New building
17. When will Jesus return to earth?
A. 2020
B. 10 years’ time
C. Nobody knows
D. In June
18. Who appeared beside them as they were watching Jesus disappear?
A. Two men dressed in white
B. Saint peter
C. An angel of the lord
D. Elisha and Elijah
19. As Jesus was being taken, what hid him from the eyes of those watching?
A. A dark storm
B. A cloud
C. A dazzling bright light
D. A darkness that fell over the land
20. After Jesus resurrection, how long did him remain on earth before he was taken up to heaven?
A. 20 days
B. 40days
C. 12 days
D. 6 days
21.________leads us to God
A. Elders
B. Jesus
C. Father
D. Abraham
21. 22. Who is the way, truth and life?
A. The angels
B. Jesus Christ
C. God
D. Elisha
22. 23. We as believers should follow Christ_________
A. Lifestyle
B. Steps
C. Dressing
D. Eating
23. 24. Jesus calls the way ________
A. Straight
B. Wide
C. Narrow
D. Broad
24. 25. One must be ________________ before he can enter heaven.
A. Born again
B. Prayers
C. A worship
D. A servant
26.A good shepherd __________
A. Shouts
B. Cares
C. Fights
D. Insults
27.Who acts as the good shepherd?
A. Elisha
B. Silas
C. Moses
D. Jesus
28.The good shepherd was always ______________ his sheep
A. Spanking
B. Slapping
C. Protecting
D. Killing
25. 29. ____lays down his life for his sheep.
A. A Shepherd
B. Dog
C. Father
D. Servant
26. 30. We should live in _________ with people.
A. Anger
B. Wickedness
C. Peace
D. Unhappiness

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