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Choose the option with the correct spelling.

1. A. Occasion
B. ocasion
C. Occassion
D. Ocassion
2. A. maintainance
B. maintanance
C. maintenace
D. maintenance
3. A. privilage
B. priviledge
C. privilege
D. previlege
4. A. knowlege
B. nowlegde
C. knowledge
D. knowlede
5. A. Pinocchio
B. pinochio
C. pinnochio
D. penochhio

Choose the correct homophone for each of the following words.
6. Made
A. Mail
B. Made
C. Maid
D. Mede

7. bread
A. beard
B. breed
C. bred
D. bed
8. sole
A. sold
B. soul
C. sew
D. sow

Choose the phonetic symbol for the underlined sounds in the following words.
9. physics
A. /g/
B. /f/
C. /p/
D. /h/
10. xerox
A. /s/
B. /Z/
C. /ts/
D. /v/

11. hear
A. /iә/
B. /eә/
C. /ᴐi/
D. /ai/

12. noon
A. /t/
B. /n/
C. /s/
D. /ts/

Choose the correct past tense form of the following irregular verbs from the options given.
13. arise
A. arisen
B. arised
C. arosed
D. arose
14. dive
A. dove
B. dived
C. diven
D. doved
15. fly
A. flown
B. flies
C. flied
D. flew

Choose from the 0ptions, the correct option for the underlined verbs.
16. My little brother wants to be an actor.
A. infinite
B. finite
C. non-finite
D. unfinite
17. She worked hard to pass the test.
A. infinite
B. finite
C. non-finite
D. unfinite
18. I couldn’t solve the problem.
A. infinite
B. finite
C. non-finite
D. unfinite
19. To err is human.
A. infinite
B. finite
C. non-finite
D. unfinite
20. Your duty is to cross the river without getting noticed. (finite; non-finite)
A. infinite
B. finite
C. non-finite
D. unfinite

Look at the underlined verb in each sentence and identify its type.
21. The boy ate rice.
A. transitive verb
B. untransitive verb
C. intransitive verb
D. ditransitive verb

22. He is boiling water.
A. transitive verb
B. untransitive verb
C. intransitive verb
D. ditransitive verb
23. The water is boiling.
A. ditransitive verb
B. untransitive verb
C. transitive verb
D. intransitive verb
24. The baby cried.
A. transitive verb
B. intransitive verb
C. untransitive verb
D. ditransitive verb

To re-write each sentence in present perfect tense, choose the correct option.
25. She lives in America.
A. she is living in America.
B. She will live in America.
C. She lived in America.
D. She has lived in America.

26. The man goes to the office.
A. The man has gone to the office.
B. The man will go to the office.
C. The man went to the office.
D. The man is going to the office.

27. She writes a story.
A. She is writing a story.
B. She will write a story.
C. She has written a story.
D. She wrote a story.

28. The old man walks fast.
A. The old man has walked fast.
B. The old man walked fast.
C. The old man will walk fast.
D. The old man is walking fast.
To re-write each sentence in future perfect tense, choose the correct option.

29. They will come home.
A. They will have come home.
B. They will be coming home.
C. They must be coming home.
D. They should come home.

30. You will go to Spain.
A. You will be going to Spain.
B. You should go to Spain.
C. You will have gone to Spain.
D. You must go to Spain.

31. The queen will throw a party.
A. The queen will be throwing a party.
B. The queen will have thrown a party.
C. The queen is throwing a party.
D. The queen throws a party.

32. That ship will sail.
A. That ship will be sailing.
B. That ship will have sailed.
C. That ship is sailing.
D. That ship has sailed.

Choose the one that is nearest in meaning to the underlined words.
33. The enemies invaded our village and captured the village chief.
A. searched
B. attacked
C. saved
D. helped
34. We found the missing items packed in the store.
A. ready
B. lost
C. presented
D. caught

Choose the one that is opposite in meaning to the underlined words.
35. We were bored by the story of lion and the tortoise.
A. conditioned to
B. quickened by
C. tired by
D. interested
36. The faithful soldier carried their wounded commander to their camp.
A. strong
B. good
C. wicked
D. disloyal

Look carefully at the options below and pick out the ones that contain CAPITALIZATION, PUNCTUATION or SPELLING error.
37. A. Last week was my birthday.
B. She could not come.
C. We whent to the beach.
D. She cried like a baby.
38. A. Will I see you tomorrow,
B. We can be friends again.
C. Get out of here now!
D. Can I come in?
39. A. He is always sad.
B. Her name is anabel.
C. We can’t go to the mall now.
D. Don’t be a pest.
40. A. We went for a field trip.
B. the female mosquito causes Malaria.
C. She will soon be here.
D. All things are possible.

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