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Rearrange the muddled words in capital letters to make sense.

They are all animals.

  1. OGD ­_______
  2. BLMA _______
  3. OATG _______
  4. ACT _______

Find the letter which will end the first word and start the second word.

  1. Ten(____)urn
  2. Ar(____)eat
  3. Pul(____)ady
  4. Sen(____)ate.

Megan and Yan like salad.

Robin and Mark like pasta

Mark and Megan like apple pie

Yan and Robin like pizza

  1. Who likes pasta and pizza? ___________________

10.Who likes salad and apple pie?               ___________________

11.Who likes pasta and apple pie?                ____________________

Underline one word in the brackets which is most opposite in meaning to the word in capital.

12.HARD                                                       (work, soft, sharp, tough)

13.WILD                                                       (scary, fierce, tame, find)

14.FOUND                                                    (try, lost, seek, missed)

15.QUIET                                                      (bang, silent, hear, loud)

Complete the following sentences by selecting the most sensible word from each group of words given in the brackets. Underline the words selected.

  1. The girl (tore, put on, cut) her (overall, dress, apron) and went to the (bath, kitchen, cook)
  2. The small (horse, mouse, fly) squeezed into its (bed, hole, trap) and ate the (cheese, spring, fish).
  3. The (flock, crowd, team)( ate, stole, scored )three ( houses goals frogs).

if e = 2, f =4, g =6, h =8, give the answers to these calculations as letters.

  1. e + f = _____
  2. f + f = _____
  3. h – g =_____

Change the first word of the third pair in the same way as the other pairs to give a new word.

  1. ran, run ban, bun fan, _________

27.pat, pet               bat, bet            sat, __________

  1. rice, ice pink, ink face, _______

Tom is smaller than Ope and Ope is smaller than Edna

  1. Who is the smallest?____________
  2. who is the biggest? _____________
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Read each sentence and underline the appropriate option.

1. A compound sentence is made up of ____________________
a. Two funny sentences
b. A simple sentence and a trickish sentence
c. Two simple sentences

2. What type of sentence is made up of a dependent clause and an independent clause?
a. Complex sentence b. compound sentence c. complex sentence

Continue the sentence in two different ways
3. Martha had very little money so, _____________________________
4. Martha had very little money until _____________________________

Write one synonym and antonym for these words.
Synonym antonym
9. tidy _______________ __________________

Read each sentence and choose the correct word from the options given to complete each sentence.
15. He was knocked __________ by a lorry.
a. dawn b. daun c. down
16. She ________ the first prize at the competition
a. Worn b. once c. won
17. The wound took some days to ____________
a. heal b. hill c. heel
18. The little boy ……………….. the table with his fist.
a. heat b. hit c. eat.

19. a. awkwod b. awkward c. okward
20. a. sissors b. scizzors c. scissors
21. a. awiful b. awful c. oful
22. a. missisipi b. Mississippi c. mississipi

Underline the words with the appropriate sound.
23. /a/ farm, brat, teach
24. /i/ boiled, trip, sight.
25. /t/ mask, church, shirt
26. /d/ frail, bought, done
27. /a:/ family, bend, car
28. /i:/ bone, draw, seen.
29. /)/ mask, church, shop
30. /):/ son, bought, book

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INSTRUCTION: Read the passage below and answer the questions.
The Ugly Duckling
A duck searched for a safe place to build a nest. First, she waddled in and out of the flower garden. “No,” she quacked, “This place will not do!” Next, she looked in the back of the farmyard.
“No,” she quacked, “This place will not do!” Lastly, she looked in the field where she saw a large shady tree. “Oh yes!” she quacked happily,
“This spot will do very nicely! It is quite protected from the wind.” Many warm, dry leaves lay on the ground all around the big, shady tree. Quickly she made her nest under some leaves.
She sat on the eggs to keep them warm and watched the children going to school.
She sat on the eggs to keep them warm and watched the children coming home from school.
She sat on the eggs to keep them warm and watched the sun rise in the morning.
She sat on the eggs to keep them warm and watched the sun set in the evening.
Some days later the eggs hatched, one after the other. Out of each egg came a small, yellow duckling. Mother Duck was very pleased with her ducklings. She saw that only one egg was left. It was a large one.
Mother Duck and the ducklings watched the egg and at last it broke, and out came a big, ugly duckling. “What a big duckling!” quacked Mother Duck. She looked at the big, ugly duckling and she looked at the five fluffy, little, yellow ducklings. “He does not look like the rest of you. Can he be a turkey? Can he be a goose? We will have to wait and see. Let us go down to the river. If he does not like the water, he is not a duck.”

1. Who is the main character in this story?
The main character is the …
a Mother Duck.
b ducks in the farmyard.
c yellow ducklings.

2. Which words describe the place that Mother Duck chose to build her nest?
Mother Duck built her nest …
a in the flower garden under a rose.
b in the back garden of the farmyard.
c under the big shady tree in the field.
4. How was the last duckling different from the rest of the ducklings?
The last duckling was …
a really a gosling or a turkey.
b much bigger than the rest of the ducklings.
c slow to hatch from the big egg.
5. Why did Mother Duck decide to take her ducklings down to the river?
Write a sentence to explain your answer.

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬6. Identify the text features in the text.

Write the synonym of the underlined words from the passage.
7. Pleased_____________
8. Broke¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__________

Read this short story with the right enunciation and intonation
One night, a fox quietly came into Mr. Roberts’s compound. The fox was looking for something to eat before going to bed. When Whisky saw the fox, it shouted loudly. As soon as Mr. Robert heard the dogs cry, he ran into the room, took his gun and ran out at once.

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