1. Everybody’s family is ____________
A. Same
B. Different
C. Old
D. New
2. One of the following is wrong.
A. Uncles are parents friend
B. Parents are father and mother
C. Siblings are brothers and sisters
D. Aunts are parents’ sisters
3. We have _______major kinds of family.
A. 2
B. 5
C. 8
D. 1
4. Children show respect by________
A. Yelling
B. Grumbling
C. Greeting
D. Frowning
5. One of these is a type of family
A. Family tree
B. Nuclear family
C. Civic family
D. Expanded family
6. Your brothers and sisters are your ___________
A. Relations
B. Siblings
C. Nephews
D. Nieces
7. __________ is an example of a monogamy marriage.
A. Husband and wife
B. Husband and wives
C. Uncles and aunt
D. Children
8. Carnival is a public celebration that includes¬¬¬ ¬¬________
A. Eating
B. Costumes
C. Reading
D. Sleeping
9. Drink clean water daily to avoid¬¬¬__________
A. Happiness
B. Illness
C. Sleep
D. Play
10. When you don’t brush daily, what happens to your teeth?
A. It smells good
B. It smells fresh
C. It smells very bad
D. It kills
11. A doctor prescribes _________
A. Roof
B. Biscuits
C. Drugs
D. Magi
12. Eating rotten or unripe fruit causes_________
A. Activeness
B. Common illness
C. Fire
D. Smoke
13. When coughing, we should¬¬¬¬_______
A. Cover our mouth
B. Open our mouth
C. Cough into the air
D. Cough on someone
14. What do you take for an ache?
A. Fizzy drink
B. Paracetamol
C. Sugar
D. Ribena
15. Respect promotes______________
A. Hate
B. Peace
C. Shouts
D. Evil
16. Marriage is between ________ and _________
A. Friends and Enemies
B. Man and Woman
C. Woman and Girl
D. Boy and Girl

17. Marriage done in the church is a ___________ marriage
A. Traditional
B. Christian
C. Pagan
D. Islam

18. Illness is caused by _______
A. Sweet
B. Germs
C. Games
D. Slap

19. __________is not an item for marriage
A. Suit
B. Food
C. Money
D. Stone

20. _________ conducts a wedding in the church.
A. Pastor
B. Baba
C. Mother
D. Master

21. _________are substances we take into our bodies to prevent illness.

A. Biscuits
B. Drugs
C. Juice
D. Beans

22. We take ___________ for headache.
A. Orange
B. Pine
C. Panadol
D. Bread
23. A drug abuser takes __________ without control
A. Food
B. Meat
C. Drugs
D. Apple
24. We should keep drugs out of __________reach.
A. Adult
B. Children
C. Men
D. Dogs
25. _________ is a symptom of common illness.
A. Headache
B. Dance
C. Playing
D. Singing
26. A drug abuser always looks __________
A. Clean
B. Untidy
C. Smart
D. Good
27. We should _______ at a drug abuser
A. Pray for them
B. Shout at them
C. Run from them
D. Join them
28. An abuser should seek for _______
A. Help
B. Drugs
C. Injection
D. Pills
29. Germs causes _______ to the body
A. Harm
B. Good
C. Nutrients
D. Sweat
30. Our environment should always be ___________
A. Messy
B. Dirty
C. Clean and conducive
D. Scattered

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