Building a Child Behaviour – Connection with the School Environment

Building a Child Behaviour – Connection with the School Environment


Gone are the days when a school environment is so boring. Studies estimate that 50 to 70 percent of children are visual learners, hence, we have to create an educative environment for the kids.

How do we make our environment lively for the learners?

  1. Create attractive wall banners: Creating attractive wall banners should actually be directed towards the pertinent needs of the children. Some classrooms have just a design for the whole term. Hell NO! Designs are meant to be changed weekly. Let your learners be expectant. Everyone likes to see something new. Seeing the same old designs will not help your learners.

  2. Putting learner’s birthday pictures: Every week, the teacher should look through the learners celebrating a birthday for the week and do good to paste their pictures as well. You can create a birthday corner where this can be achieved.

  1. Important class instructions: Instructions should not always be written in black and white. It creates some fear in the heart of the children and for a child who has gone through a whole lot from home and parents before coming to school, this might affect a child psychologically. Instructions can be nicely designed and hanged on the wall. Let the learners understand reasons instructions are very pertinent.

  1. Put banners in strategic places: sometimes a little as the (use the trashcan) image below, it goes a very long way in creating a hiding curriculum in the heart of the child. A child knows it is right to use the trash can and this habit stays with him and hence a better behavior is built in a child.

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