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Parts of a plant

Look at the picture well.

What can you see?

This is a plant.

A plant has a leaf.

A plant has a stem.

A plant has roots.

Draw a plant showing the stem, leaves root in the space below:

Names of common plants

Look at these pictures

Are these plants? Yes they are.

We get coconut from them.

Palm fruit

Are these big plants? Yes they are.

Big plants are trees.


Picture 3 is also a plant.

We get orange from it.

What is the colour of orange?


Can you see the plants in picture 4?

We get bananas from them.

Do you like eating bananas?

Picture 5 is a tall plant.

We get pawpaw from it.



Is this a farm?

Can you see two different plants?

We get cocoyam from the short plant. We get

maize from the tall plant. A man is working on

the farm.


Cocoyam plant


The plants are smaller than the trees.

We get cassava from these plants.

The man is pulling cassava from the soil.


The plants are climbing poles.

We get yam from them.

Is this a garden? Yes, it is.

Can you see small plants with flowers?

Flowers are also plants.

Activity 1.1.1

  1. What is the colour of a leaf?
  2. Name five different plants that you know.
  3. Are there flowers in your school?
  4. Name them to your teachers.
  5. Draw any plant.
  6. Name the different parts of the plant in picture 10.


Uses of Plants

Plants that we eat

Carrot Pineapple

Can you see these fruits: – pineapple, banana, apple, orange, carrot, cashew, mango, guava and coconut?

They are from different plants.

Do you take fruits every day?

Plants that animals eat

What are the animals eating?

The goats are eating cassava.

The hens and their chicks are eating maize.

The cattle are eating grasses.

Animals eat to stay alive.

We get animal foods from plants.

Plants that beautify our surroundings

This is a beautiful room.

Flower plants beautify the room.

Flowers are also planted outside the house.

Flower plants beautify our houses and schools.

Plants that provide shades

It is a sunny afternoon. The trees give some shade.

What are the people doing?

Some people are sitting under the shade of the tree plants.

People can relax with bottles of soft drinks under the shade of trees.

Plants that produce new plants

Maize cob

Seeds are planted in the soil.

Seeds grow into young plants.

Young plants grow into new plants.

New plants produce new seeds.

Plants that are sold to make money

Man tapping rubber from a rubber plant


– Groundnut plant


Cotton plant

Cocoa, cotton, groundnut and rubber can be sold to foreign countries in exchange for their money.

Plants that are used for building

This lorry transports timber logs.

We get woods for building our houses from timber logs.

Timbers are from big tree-plants like Iroko, Obeche and Mahogany.

Plants that are used as drugs



Lemon grass

Lemon grass, Garlic, Neem plant (Dogoyaro) and

Quinine plants are used to control Malaria.

Other drug plants include Hemp or marjuana, cannabis plant, Opium plant and Tobacco plant.

When these three crops are heated or smoked, they are harmful to us.

Activity 2

  1. Name five plants that we eat.
  2. Do you keep animals at home? What type of plants do you feed your animals with?
  3. Name some plants and give their uses.
  4. Name three harmful plants.
  5. Uproot some plants and ask pupils to draw or sketch them in their note books.
  6. Let the pupils sketch garlic and lime.


Farm Animals

Animals on land There are different types of farm animals.


Can you see pigs, chickens, cattle, goat and sheep in the picture?

Donkeys, asses and camels also live on land.


Animals living in water

There are men inside the boat.

They are spreading net inside

the river.

They want to catch fish.

The women are selling


Fish is an animal that lives in water.

Other animals that live in water include frog, prawn, periwinkle, crab, crocodile, oyster and turtle.plan scheme of work

agric-science primary one third term lesson note (Continuation)

Activity 3.1.1

  1. Are there animals in your home? Mention them.
  2. Name four farm animals that live on land.
  3. Where do fishes live?
  4. Can frogs live in water?
  5. Name other animals apart from frogs and prawns that live in water.



Uses of Farm Animals

A herd of cattle A pig A cock

A man is eating chicken meat.

Cattle, sheep, goat, pig and rabbits are also animals that provide us with meat.

They are food animals.

This is a camel.

A man rides on the Camel.

The camel also carries load. The camel can carry load across the desert. Camel and ass are transport animals.

This is an ass.

The ass is carrying food materials from the farm to the market.

These oxen are pulling a farm implement.

The implement prepares (ploughs) the

land for planting.

Oxen and bullock are work animals.


The girl is talking to a parrot.

The parrot reports events to the owner.

The parrot is a guard animal.

The dog is watching over a house.

Is dog a friendly animal? It is a guard animal.

Activity 4.1.

  1. Mention the names of some animals we eat as food.
  2. List three uses of farm animals.
  3. Name two animals that work on the farm.
  4. Mention one farm animal that is used as guard animal.


Land and Its Uses

Uses of land or soil

This is a land.

One part of the land is rocky (rocky land).

The other part is covered by water.

Some plants are growing inside the water (swampy or wet land).

This is a dry and flat land.

There is a farm on the land.

The tractor is preparing the land for planting.

Some people are working on the farm.

agric-science primary one third term lesson note (Continuation)

This is a flat land.

The caterpillar is making a road on the land.

Some people are building houses on the land.

Farm animals

This is a building where animals live.

It is a farm structure or farm building.

Can you name any other farm structure?

All the farm structures are built on the land.


Some animals like cow eat grasses.

A grassland is a grazing land.

So, land is used for grazing.


This is a village.

The village is on a flat and dry land.

The village has a road and a house.

It also has a garden.

Two boys are working on the garden.

We farm on the land.


Uses of rocks or stone to the farmer

What is this girl doing?

She is grinding pepper.

She grinds pepper with a stone.

What are these boys doing?

T ey are scaring away birds with small stones.


The boys are cracking palm kernel.

What are they using to crack the palm


What materials do we use for building farm


Acti ity 5 .1

  1. Explain what land is.
  2. Mention 3 types of land.
  3. List five uses of land.
  4. Mention uses of rocks/stoneto farmers.



Sun and Its Uses

What we should know about the sun

  1. It is an object that is far away from

the earth.

  1. It shines above the earth.

c . It sends its hot rays to the earth.

  1. The earth moves round the sun.

Uses of the sun to people

The sun is shinning.

The sun brightens the day.

School children are playing.

A dog is chasing a lizard.

women are discussing outside.

The Sun keeps the body of people warm.

It is a sunny day.

We can dry our things in the sun.

The girl is drying some clothes while the boy is drying seeds in the sun.

agric-science primary one third term lesson note (Continuation)

This is a farm.

The sun is shinning on the plants.

The sun helps the plants to grow well.


Activity 6.1.1

  1. Describe the sun.
  2. State three uses of the sun.
  3. With the help of your teacher, prepare two cans containing young plants.

Keep one of the cans in a dark place and the other in the sun.

After three days, describe the colour of the leaves of the two young plants.


Air and Its Uses

What we should know about air

a It cannot be seen.

  1. We can feel the presence of air around us.
  2. It can occupy space in a balloon.

d .It makes balloons to be big in size.

Uses of air

It is a breezy day.

The air is blowing away leaves from the trees.

The air is also blowing clothes spread on lines.

The boys are flying kites.

The air helps the kite to fly.


The boy is filling the bottle with water.

Do you see some water bubbles?

Do you know that there is air inside the water bubbles?

Where else can we find air?

The girls are blowing air into the balloons.

The boy is pumping air into the tyre of his bicycle.

We all breathe in air every time.


The boy is chasing the dog.

The boy and the dog are breathing fast.


Activity 7.1.1

  1. Can you make a kite? Your teacher will guide you to make one.
  2. Do you have a ball? What is inside it?
  3. Breathe in and out. What do you breathe in?
  4. Blow into a balloon to make it big. Then allow the air in it to escape.
  5. Describe your experience to your friend.
  6. State two uses of air to people.


Water and Its Uses

Sources of water

We can get water from a dug up well.

We can also get water from rain.

A river Is this a river? Yes it is.

We can get water from a river.

We can also get water from streams.

Streams are small rivers.

A boy and a woman are fetching water from the tap.

We can also get water from the tap in the kitchen.

This is a fish pond.

We can get water from a pond.

This is a dam.

We can get water from a dam.

We use water from dam to grow crops.

Uses of water

The man is eating on a table.

He is drinking water.

The woman is bathing the child with water.

The girl is washing the plates with soap and water.

We also wash our clothes with soap and water.

agric-science primary one third term lesson note

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