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  1. Identification and Uses of Spacing Keys
  2. Correct Finger Placement
  3. Correct Use of Punctuation Mark Keys
  4. Correct Spacing After Punctuation Marks


Identification and Uses of Spacing Keys

Spacing keys are special keyboard characters that are used to give appropriate characters that are used tp give gap(s) in between words or typing lines.

They are as follows:

  1. Backspace: This moves the carriage or cursor one space at a time. It is usually typed with the weak or pinky finger on the right hand. It is used to erase characters from the end.
  2. Line space regulator: busin It can be adjusted by the right or left hand. it allows for 1, 1½ , 2 and 3 line spacing.
  3. Space bar: This is a rectangular bar at the bottom of a typewriter or computer. When touched, it gives space between characters. It is usually typed with the thumb especially the right thumb.

Some of the punctuation marks on the keyboard are:  , . ? ‘‘’’ ; : () !

Correct Finger Placement

After fingers are properly placed on the home keys, the right and left thumbs should be dangling on the space bar. The right thumb is used to press the space bar whenever the need arises to give space. For correct finger placement on punctuation marks, the 3rd finger on the right hand side is used to press comma key, while the 4th finger i.e. the little finger is used to press the full stop key. These are on the Nottem row. For the punctuation marks that are on the Home row, the 4th finger on the right hand which is the little finger is placed on semi-colon (;) and also used to press the apostrophe (‘). Also, the 4th finger on the left hand is placed on exclamation mark (!) which is found on the top row where numeric numbers are. The 3rd and 4th fingers on the right hand are placed on the brackets which is also known as parentheses.

Correct Use of Punctuation Mark Keys

Punctuation marks are used in sentences to separate sentences or parts of sentences and to make their meaning clear. Punctuation mark keys are to be correctly used when typing. The keys are to be mastered for effectiveness as wrong use of them will affect the correctness of what we are typing.

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