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1. Which is not a craft?
(a) Weaving
(b) Writing
(c) Carving
(d) Mouldering

2. Which is not a branch of art?
(a) Literary art
(b) Visual art
(c) Drama art
(d) Performing art

3. Which is not an importance of art?
(a) For entertainment
(b) For pride
(c) For beautification
(d) As source of income.

4. Art began from the ……………………….. period.
(a) Paleolithic
(b) Paternal
(c) Parental
(d) Paralytic

5. Which is not a literary art?
(a) Novel
(b) Short stories
(c) Poem
(d) Music

6. Which is not a performing art?
(a) Poem
(b) Music
(c) Drama
(d) Dance

7. Which is not an applied art?
(a) Textile
(b) Ceramics
(c) Graphics
(d) Drawing

8. Which is not a fine art?
(a) Drawing
(b) Theatre
(c) Painting
(d) Architecture.

9. …………. Can be defined as the arrangement of sounds, colours, forms, movements and other elements in a manner that produces beauty.
(a) Art
(b) Craft
(c) Design
(d) Principles

10. ………… can be defined as any appearance given to a thing.
(a) Design
(b) elements
(c) principles
(d) values

11. The following are elements of design EXCEPT
(a) colour
(b) line
(c) Form
(d) Variety

12. _____ is the beginning of every drawing or thing.
(a) Line
(b) Colour
(c) Balance
(d) Space

13. The surface quality appearance of an artwork when felt or touch/seen is called
(a) Form.
(b) Texture.
(c) Space.
(d) Tone.

14. The outline of a form is called _____
(a) Colour
(b) Shape
(c) Space
(d) Music

15. The surface quality of any material is called ____
(a) Shape
(b) Tone
(c) Texture
(d) Line

16. _______ is the reflection produced by rays of light through a prism.
(a) Colour
(b) Tone
(c) Texture
(d) Line

17. Another name for colour is _____.
(a) hue
(b) intensity
(c) tone
(d) Poster

18. The use of colour or paints to express one’s idea is called ___________
(a) drawing
(b) colour
(c) painting
(d) graphics

19. Primary colours are also known as _____
(a) basic
(b) binary
(c) cool
(d) harmonious

20. A Colour spectrum is also known as _______
(a) Warm colours
(b) Cool colours
(c) Colour traids
(d) Rainbow.

21. Which of these is not a type of culture (a) material culture (b) immaterial culture (c) political culture

22. _____ is not an element of culture (a) Dressing (b) Music (c) complexion

  1. Agbada and Sokoto belong to the ___(a) Hausa (b) Igbos        (c) Yoruba
  2. _______ is a people’s way of life (a) Wedding (b) Culture (c) Pollution
  3. A ____ means moving the body to the rhyme of music(a) Song (b) style                    (c) system
  1. Which of these is a metal for modeling? (a) Cloud (b) Plasticine         (c) Leather
  2. The cut of the conjoining vocal or instrument sounds in a harmonious way is called ____(a) Noise (b) music      (c) dance
  3. Which of these is not a musical style (a) African style   (b) western style                          (c) summing style
  1. Tuwo, shikafa is a popular food in _____ Nigeria(a) Wester (b) Nothern           (c) Eastern
  2. Art is ………………… [a] an artiste [b] an erratic [c] a human creative skills
  3. Who among the following is not an art worker [a] artiste [b] accountant [c] art Teacher
  4. .Art is as old as ………………… [a] museum [b] cars [c] monkey
  5. Which of these is not an element of art … [a] colors [b] line [c] rainbow
  6. Which of these is not a branch of art ……………….. [a]visual art [b] social studies [c]drama
  7. Music is a branch of art …… [a] true [b] false [c] maybe
  8. There are …………… forms of drawings [a] 5 [b] 2 [c] 3
  9. The drawing of man made object is called .. [a] natural [b] life [c] still life
  10. Greeting cards are also called …………. [a] social cards [b] compost card [c] international card
  11. All the following are types of card except …………. [a] birthday card [b] success card [c] bomb card

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