PHE Primary 1 Second Term Note

PHE second term pry 1

PHE Primary 1 Second Term Note

PHE Primary 1 Second Term Note.

Manipulative Movements

Basic Skill of Shooting

PHE Primary 1 Second Term Note: Shooting means to kick or throw a ball with force towards or away from a goal post. We can shoot with our legs or hands depending on the game.

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Shooting could be done when the ball is in one position or when it is moving. If a person wants to be a good shooter, the skill of shooting must be practised regularly.

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Basic Skill of Heading

Heading means to hit a ball with the head to where we want it to go. It is one of the ways of playing soccer. You must look at the coming ball when you want to head it.


The player may have to jump up to meet and head the ball in the air. The skill of heading should be practised regularly if the player wants to be a good header .


Lesson 2

Fundamental Rhythms and Movements

Fundamental Rhythms and Movements are the basic body movements that have rhythm. Examples of such movements are leaping, walking, stepping and hopping.



Walking means moving by putting one leg after the other. We can walk forward, backward or side-ways



Stepping means moving one foot before or behind the other while walking or moving. A person can step forward, backward or sideways.


PHE Primary 1 Second Term Note.

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